Fashion’s Night Out Sept 2010.. Ya ?? ¡¡ Pero si aún saboreamos la anterior…

La genial idea de Anna Wintour, adquiere este año dimensiones absolutamente geniales y muy productivas.
Claro que sí, lo que se planea pronto y bien… sale mejor. La idea es seguir dando  un respiro a la industría de la moda, * y sus puestos de trabajo *, a traves del consumo.
Deseando que se convierta en una inciativa permanente y rentable, una fiesta mundial de consumo y elegancia…
Os adjunto una copia de la nota original del Ny Fashion MGZ en inglés:
Fashion’s Night Out – Gets Prime-TimeTreatment
Last year’s first Fashion’s Night Out event – a giant celebration of shopping masterminded by Anna Wintour – drew a lot of publicity for trying to breathe life into the struggling fashion industry. This year, CBS plans to document what promises to be an even bigger rally around the fashion business for a prime-time special to air on September 15th. And while the program will focus on the cause at hand, or the roles of those thousands of people employed in every facet of the industry who stand to lose their jobs if people cease to shop, it will also spotlight the event’s more glamorous happenings taking place in cities across the globe. Vicarious party-hopping for a cause sounds like fun, but will you tune in to support shopping?
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